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See Plan G vs. Plan N
Here are some recent examples of rate increases. Now, multiply these examples X the number of years you have left on Medicare.

Can you afford Plan G rate increases for 10 or 20 years?

Aetna Health Insurance Company Rate Increase Announcement for 2022 in Georgia.
Mutual of Omaha North Carolina Rate Increase in 2021
Mutual of Omaha Rate increase for August 2021

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Since then, things have gotten much worse for the other plans:

Now, imagine these rate increases COMPOUNDING every year that you are on Medicare!

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FREEDOM to visit the BEST providers in the United States.

NO Networks!

Medicare Supplement plans, like Plan N, allow you to visit ANY doctor, specialist, clinic, lab or hospital that accepts Original Medicare.

That is over 96% of all providers in America available to you with a Medicare Supplement plan.

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Image result for google five stars One of the hardest things about choosing Medicare options is figuring out which policy fits you best. My medical and financial situation made it pretty easy to pick a Medicare supplement instead of Medicare Advantage, but it wasn't clear at all how to choose between all the plans and companies that offer Medicare supplements. Then I saw one of Chris Westfall's videos, and it all became clear. Chris' videos convinced me that Plan G was the way to go and that I should work with one of his people to select the best company offered in my zip code. One of his agents picked the company with the lowest premium and filled me in on their financial trustworthiness. And if they raise premiums more than is reasonable in the future, she'll contact me to help me pick another company.
Diana Fox
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Image result for google five stars Hannah made everything so easy, she send me information and let me think about things. This is a big decision, you need to weed through all the information. Thank goodness I happened to find this site. Make things easy peasy.
Linda Snyder
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Image result for google five stars Great service have used for years now. Robert contacted me to review my plan and save 20 monthly this year. They have your interests in mind
Pete Barre
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